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What Abywell does, Abywell does well

Oak-wood is a natural product, and this is its beauty and value.

Whisky barrels are made from oak, which naturally absorbs water like any other wood. Thus, the oak wooden staves used for making the barrels will always some moisture content. As the wood absorbs water it swells, and accordingly, as the wood dries it shrinks.

Abywell guarantees: We are controlling the humidity level for all our whiskey barrels wherever the barrels are stored or recycled – it should be kept within the 40-50% humidity range to ensure there is no damage to the barrels, such as warping and cracking. All our whiskey barrel cabinets ARE NOT made from wet barrels thus cause shrinks. warping, cracking afterwards products what is common practice for many ‘easy quick cheaper crafters’.

Abywell is passionate about offering furniture that is expertly handcrafted with pride and perfection in mind. Here at Abywell quality matters in any stage for any piece of whiskey barrel furniture.

Abywell furniture creates value and makes a difference, thus What Abywell does, Abywell does well.

Abywell guarantee:
Solid Commitment, Solid Quality, Solid Value, Solid Choice, Solid Service.









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