About Us

Producers of Top Quality Bespoke Oak Furniture.

All our furniture is made from selected solid oak whiskey barrels from Scotland and turned into beautiful furniture by our team of highly skilled furniture makers for you to enjoy in your house, garden or business.

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Abywell is passionate about offering furniture that is expertly handcrafted with pride and perfection in mind.

What Abywell does, Abywell does well.

Abywell produces Quality Oak Barrel Furniture for today’s lifestyle that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Abywell is the art of cutting, sanding, carving, turning, bending, joining and finishing oak barrels to create something useful, beautiful and totally unique.

The result is a durable piece of furniture that combines functionality, practicality and unmatched beauty.

We’ve lovingly crafted our products that give you the opportunity to invite this wonderful material in your home whether you’re living in a country cottage or a city townhouse the presence of oak is always welcome.

Abywell furniture creates value and makes a difference.

What could evoke the spirit of country living in your home more than a range of oak barrel furniture?

You and your family will enjoy Abywell handcrafted furniture for years to come.

Abywell guarantee:
Solid Commitment, Solid Quality, Solid Value, Solid Choice, Solid Service.